Get Set for Digital

Throughout the UK, analogue transmitters are being switched off and digital signals are being transmitted to provide greater coverage of the digital signal to as many homes as possible. You may already be able to receive a digital terrestrial signal. To check visit

Digital terrestrial TV is received through a conventional roof top aerial. In addition you will need a digital set top box to go with your existing analogue television set or an integrated digital terrestrial television. In a number of cases the existing aerial may need to be changed. The aerial or downlead cable may now be of inferior quality or the digital channels may be outside the band the aerial was designed for. The digital signal may also be transmitted from a different transmitter to your analogue signal and will need adjustment to the new transmitter.

If you replace your existing TV aerial, your choice of TV aerial is dependent on the signal strength in the area in which you wish to receive the signal.  

n.e aerial supply a choice of aerials for different reception conditions.

Generally the larger number of elements, the more of the incoming signal is received to provide the best possible picture quality.

All n.e aerial  TV aerials are directional wideband aerials, designed for  installation and are suitable for reception of all available digital terrestrial television signals.

In strong digital reception areas it may be possible to use a set top or indoor aerial to receive the signal, however the best quality reception will always be obtained using an external aerial.